Your task - to pick, practice, and then present a story from memory!
You'll find guidance, help, instructions, ideas, and inspiration all right here! 

Here's your Process

Step 1) Pick - in order to tell a story you must find and select one. For tips, websites, and resources see Part I - Pick Your Story.

Step 2) Practice - after you've picked the perfect story, you'll practice it. As part of this step you'll watch other storytellers who have uploaded videos of their telling to YouTube and also create an outline in Word of your story or record yourself reading your story so you can listen to it to help you remember it. You'll find guidance and suggestions for doing just that and learning your story in this step!  When you're ready, scroll your mouse over "Process" above, then click "Practice" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3) Present - once you've practiced and have it down pat, you're ready to present! Think about who you might want to present to - family, friends, etc. Maybe you'll could get a group of friends together and all complete this webquest then put on a storytelling event for your parents and family members.

Conclusion) Once you've completed the process, check out the Conclusion section of this site as you reflect on your experience! On the YOUR Tips & Tricks blog, you will be able to provide other children with YOUR tips and suggestions for successful storytelling. Then you'll be well on your way to becoming a storyteller!