Process: Part III - Present!

You've picked your story and practiced it; now you are ready to present it.

Grab some friends or family members and tell them your story! You can make an event of it and get other friends to tell stories with you or you can just casually ask some evening when you're at someone's house looking for something to do if you can tell them a story. If you help take care of younger kids or have younger siblings, grab them and keep them entertained with your story!

After you've told your story, ask those who watched you what they thought and see if they can give you any pointers for telling your story even better next time! Or, if you can, record yourself with a digital camera or video camera and then watch yourself and see for yourself how you did!
  • Were you able to tell the story without looking at any notes?
  • Was your audience able to understand you - you were loud enough, talked slowly enough, spoke clearly?
  • Did any motions you used add to the story or were they distracting? 
  • If you had different voices for different characters were you consistent with the voices?
  • Did the accent or voice you used fit the characters?
I bet you did a fantastic job! And now you've become a storyteller and can learn more and more stories to entertain you and your friends. And you never know ... maybe one day there will be a YouTube video of you winning first place at a storytelling competition!

Before you go learn another story, though, see the Conclusion portion of the webquest to reflect on your experience and help others your age to become storytellers, too, by offering your own experienced advice.