OPAC Help!

An OPAC is an Online Public Access Catalog - it's what you search to find materials when you go to the library. Each OPAC is a little different but here are some tips for finding the book resources listed in this webquest.

Try searching for these items by title. Copy the title by highlighting the title text from this website, right clicking and selecting "copy" OR hitting the "ctrl" and "c" buttons at the same time. Then go to your public library's online catalog. You might even be able to access the catalog from your library's homepage - look for a search box. In the search box, right click and choose "paste" OR hold down the "ctrl" and "v" keys. The title will now show in the search box. Remove any colons or other punctuation. See below for an example from the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library homepage.
You may also see a button that says "Catalog" or "Catalog Search," like above by the small arrow. If you click that you might see a page like the following. Copy and paste the title into the search box. If there's a drop down menu, see below, make sure to choose "title" or "keywords" in that drop down box. Then click search or in this case, the red arrow. 
If the library has the item, it should come up in the search results and then you can see if it's available for check-out. If you have any trouble, call your library and a librarian will be happy to see if they have the item for you!

If you want to purchase the item, you can also go to amazon.com, copy and paste the title into the search box there and hit search - from there have your parents help you order the book.