When was the last time you heard someone tell a story? Do your parents or grandparents have stories that they tell you? Have you ever read a book or heard a story and thought - I REALLY like that story! Have you ever listened to a storyteller tell stories? Did you know that YOU can become a storyteller?!
You'll be able to entertain your friends, your siblings, and maybe even kids you baby-sit or watch with stories that you have learned and can tell from memory! Check out the links and videos below to see kids just like you telling stories! Then follow the steps and guidelines in this webquest to become a storyteller yourself!

(And know, these kids have evidently done this for a long time and are winning in contests; so if your first attempt doesn't look like their's - that's ok! They will at least give you inspiration and ideas for telling your own tales!)
The video on the left is of a young girl telling an adaptation of a Bill Harley story at the Timpanogos Storytelling festival in 2007.

To see a third grade boy telling the story of Lazy Jack in a storytelling competition at the Judith Steele Elementary School, click this link

Ethan Storytelling Contest

In this video below, a young girl does a fantastic job telling a rather long story of a family of goats and a wolf. At the end it looks like she wins first prize! (you may need to turn up the volume on your computer a little bit)

You can be a storyteller, too!! We welcome you to Project Storytelling and hope that you have fun completing this webquest! Click on Taskto find out just what you'll be doing to help you become a storyteller like the storytellers above!